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Mas Montseny

The origin

Mas Montseny was built in the XIX, century, it was then when the first of the Catà family starts working there as a worker. He works there, and so do they children and grandchildren until at the beginning of the XX century one of the nieces, Josep Catà Gomis, aka Pep Montseny, buys the homestead and the terrain.
At the 40s the great grandfather Pep Montseny and his son Josep Catà Sendrós –our godfather- manages to get 7 of the homesteads nearby to work together and build a stone mill to produce the oil of the 7 homesteads. The union was between Mas de sant Ramon, Mas de la Cansalada, Mas de la Pegalós, Mas de Cavaller, Mas Santamaría, La Torre de Fàbregas and Mas Montseny.

Ending the XX century

The saga goes on and at the 70s Josep Maria Catà Català joins the family business. Josep Maria comes with new ideas, strength and will to modernize the mill with new machinery and the good choice of farming peach trees. Nowadays, Mas Montseny peaches are one the highest valued in southern Europe.


A new milenial urges us onward

Mas Montseny enters the XXI century, with experience and interest in producing the highest quality olive oil as fuel to incorporate new grinding techniques. That’s why in 2006 the new mill is modernized, installing a continuous system in which the grinding process is perfect.
In 2012 Roger Catà Plana, after studying agricultural engineering joins Mas Montseny, all three generations of the Catà family forming Mas Montseny Fruits.

Mas Montseny goes on, knowing how to find the complex connexion between the traditional agriculture world and the new times. In 2013 they start the Oli Mare project in which producing high range ecological oil is the objective and they start exporting fruit to France. In 2014 Mas Montseny goes in the German market and in 2015 fruit is exported all over Europe, being the year in which the Oli Mare is presented and the is 75th year of history olive oil mill. IN 2016, the fruit exportations arrive to China and the Price Liderpack is won for the best packaging of the country in the category of food for the design of the Oli Mare bottle, which helps preserve the organoleptic properties of this ecological oil.

In 2017 the web is made anew and this time introduces an online shop to sell the different mill products.

Aquest viatge de més de cent cinquanta anys ha deixat importants empremtes a Mas Montseny

We preserve the first boulders of the mill, the old press, the carts and the tools: we like to live in this small museum, so we remember who we are while we work.