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We want to share our world with you

The mill of Mas Montseny is located at El Morell, a rural zona that keeps the lovable landscape of farms, with olive trees and hazels.

The Mas is a building of the XIX century, which has been modified over the years, preserving the charm of an antique homestead and houses the mill.

Spend a day at the Mas Montseny, the homestead of olive oil

Too beautiful for ourselves alone, we’ll like to share this space with you!
We like visits of small groups, so come with your friends, if you like discovering the rural world with your children or your grandchildren, visiting Mas Montseny is a must.

What are we going to do at Mas Montseny?

  • We’ll show you how olive oil is made at the present day. If you come at harvest time, you’ll get to see it with your own eyes whilst the scent of fresh-made oil invades your senses!
  • We’ll show you the old mill, with the boulders, the press and the carts that we still preserve in our small museum.
  • Snack time! We’ll prepare some traditional bread with oil and you’ll discover how special this simple and healthy food, when shared with your friends, right beside the very own olive trees the oil comes from!

You’ll want to stay!

The centenary trees, the homestead, the views… We won’t tell more since you must come and see it by yourself. A beautiful space, perfectly defining how it is, and how it was, the land of the oil.

Where is Mas Monseny located?

We want to visit, what must we do?

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